Day 6: Something that makes you happy

what’s up with these questions ? A lot of things makes me happy. i don’t have one particular thing that stands out to me, i think i am more about the little things. the things that i encounter on an everyday basis, like:

- That half hour you spend in bed on a sunday morning before you get up
– When they dim the lights in  the cinema, just before the movie starts
– when you hear a really good song for the first time.
– When my cat scratches on my bedroom door and wants to cuddle

There’s probably a lot more but for now that’s all i can think of.

Day: 5 Your favorite book

This is a completely unfair question for someone who reads as much as i do. it’s like asking who’s my favorite child ! But if I HAD to choose i would’ve said Looking for Alaska by John Green and the Harry Potter series. i don’t feel like it’s necessary to explain why. i am pretty sure I’ve talked about both of the books on multiple occasions on here.large (1)

Day 4: A guilty pleasure

Dinosaurs documentaries. i dont even know how that happened. i’ve always loved them and it’s my go to entertainment when i have a hungover.
Just imagine my excitement for the next Jurassic park movie! i used to love them as a kid.
I could have said keeping up with the kardashians or Dr. Phil but honestly thats’ just pleasure, not so much guilt invovled
Last Day of the Dinosaurs

Day 3: Favorite song(s) at the moment

So, i have two songs I really like at the moment and i cant bring myself to choose between them. the first one is Yellow flicker beat by Lorde. this song is so creepy if you listen to the lyrics and it fits Katniss so perfectly. I mean : ”But I got my fingers laced together and I made a little prison.And I’m locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me” *shudder*

 The other song that has been on repeat lately is Woman king by Iron & wine

Day 2: Favorite thing to do on a lazy day

My favorite thing to do on a lazy day actually combined by a series of things. First off, find the biggest, comfiest,most worn oufit i have. Eliminate every trace of make up and femininity. Get Rosk, (my cat) and then i have 5 options to choose from.

  1. Lounge in bed listening to music with Rosk

  2. Binge watch movies or a new show (this one is a favorite)

  3. Curl up on my couch and read.

  4. Draw or paint while listening to music

  5. write (this happens once in a blue moon, but it’s the best out of all of them, that is, when i am not having a writers block from Hell)