God help the girl

God help the girl is a musical project by Stuart Murdoch, the main singer in the scottish indie band Belle & Sebastian. The movie features 2 of my favorite actresses Hannah Murray and Emily Browning, and the male lead is the front singer in a band i really like called years & years. The movie is about a girl named Eve which struggles with mental illnesses such as anorexia and depression. Eve breaks out of the psychiatric hospital and escapes to Glasgow where she hopes to become a musician  and meets two people, James and Cassie, who she later starts a band with.  I really liked this movie, the plot line, the costumes, the make up and not least of all, the music.


London, wait for me

Remember when i talked about how much i hated my town and how much i wanted to travel ? well it seems like the wanderlust angels have smiled upon me. something happens when i am spending time with my friend Mona (the same friend that wanted to go to Oslo with me) we always end up talking about going away and travel so this time we kinda just jumped into it before either of us could change our minds and we booked tickets for  a four night trip to London ! we’re going 16th of February which means I’ve already had my birthday so i hope i’ll have some money saved up by then.  AH ! i am so excited ! this is my first time in England and I’ve always wanted to go ! i feel  bad for Mona though, i am going to drag her along all over London whether she likes it or not!

last night’s hometown glory

some nights are just wonderful in the sense that they really just exsists. Yesterday Katharina came over and we made brownies and she finally got to meet Rosk. Time flew by and before we knew it, it was dark outside and we were feeling adventurous so we went for a drive. And that’s it really, but it was fun nonetheless. driving around our home town and talking about how we cant wait to get away from it and start our lives, all the while, listening to the radio and making fun of the people on it. we’re assholes, i know, but at least we get to be assholes together.
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book rant : obsidian

so its that time of year again where i feel the need to rant about books. Approximtly half a year ago i saw the most cringe worthy bookcover that kept hunting me everywhere on goodreads. Of course i felt obligated to see what all the fuss was about. So I whipped up my kindle and downloaded the book.

aaaI mean really ? REALLY ?!

 The name of the book is obsidian and is the first book in the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and not even half into it, I lost interest. I had read this kind of storyline a thousand times before so i swept under the carpet of shame and failed projects. Fast forward a couple of months i was at my family’s cabin with no internet and nothing to read…. except that book…admitting defeat i read it. And unbekomst to me i finished it in one sitting. pleasantly surprised  i downloaded the the next book, and the next… and the next.  It just kept getting better and the story was so intense and the author always left the books in a cliffhanger so what choice did i have?

I recently just finished the last book in the series and was actually kinda sad that it was over. Before i knew it i had become attached to yet another book series and yet again was my heart in a thousand little pieces. so yeah, just a little book recommendation  your way, it’s slow at first but it’s so worth it in the end !  Lots of action, aliens, friendship, humor, sexual frustration, fighting, killing and hot alien boys.  whats not to like ?
Also the heroine being like minded to a real teenage girl is always a bonus

“The day my internet was hooked up was better than having a hot guy check out my butt and ask for my phone number.”

the hate is real…! right now..

One of the worst things about living here were i live, is the complete isolation i feel from culture. like concerts, movie premiers, fashion… things, and so on. Just recently my friend and i was talking about doing something fun together since we’re both home this year and not attending school. So we searched on the internet and found out that there was going to be a lady gaga concert in Oslo this month and the tickets was fairly cheap. we got really excited until we started looking for plane tickets, and hotel rooms, and it dawned on us just how much it would cost. not going to the concert, but travelling to where the concert would be, which sucked major balls… so now i am sitting here.. broke, bored ,listening to lady gaga ,and hating my hometown… also hating everybody who’s escaped it and has now moved to bigger cities or even different countries.


fall playlist

The fall is the perfect time to stay inside and listen to low melancholic music. it’s one of my favorite things to do this time of year. preferably with a hot beverage and underneath a mountain of blankets, curled up on the couch. I realize some of you still has summer where you live but the Fall came early this year and i am excited and welcome it with open arms.

life lately: holla education!

I haven’t written anything pretentious and whiny in months now, but i finally feel ready to break the radio silence.
I know that i wrote a lot about school last semester and whether or not i would be able to move up a grade. Alas my dear readers, my the worst case scenario happened. it wasn’t supposed to, but it did. I wont go into detail on how it happened cause i honestly dont know how to explain norwegian school politics to you. All you need to know is that, no. I did not qualify to get moved up a grade cause i ”failed” in two subjects… (not really but my attendance was so bad in both those subjects the teachers  claimed they didnt have enough material to give me a grade)

so yeah…I’ll have to retake those two subjects, Norwegian and social science, which puts me another year behind the rest of my peers… which sucks.. badly ! i am kinda at a loss right now… questioning everything i thought i wanted for my future. I have a meeting with the school tomorrow and hopefully i’ll feel a bit more certain about things then.