Point Made ?

When i made this blog i set it out to be a place where i could write about my problems, specifically about anxiety and depression. I made it anonymously and only my closest friends knew about it. however, lately i’ve been more: meh about the whole thing and not done a lot to keep it a secret. Hence, a lot of people from my home town knows about it. well, not a lot ,but enough for me to think twice about what i am writing, which was the thing i wanted to avoid with making it anonymous in the first place. I am not, in any shape or form  embarrassed about my ”situation” but living in a small town, people tend to be a bit more narrow minded and gossipy. Another thing is that, i feel like lately anxiety and depression has been glamorized by social medias and it’s more ”common”  now than ever. Over the years i’ve learned not to care too much about what people thinks when it comes to my ” illness” but when people start trivializing it, it really makes me furious.  when they say things like ” get over it, it happens to a lot of people.”,  ”Get your shit together.” or ”It’s not that bad”. Even worse is when people start associating it with weakness and/or whining. That  really gets under my skin. So please stop throwing the words ”anxiety” and ”depression” around like it means nothing. For some people it’s their whole world.

i kinda got off topic there.. But basically what i wanted to say was that, i’m not going to censor myself(at least i’ll try not to). I am doing this for for me and my benefit. I am going to write whats on my mind and if people take anything from that, then that’s amazing and an added bonus, and if not, that’s okay as well.
throwing in a gif of some daisies cause i freaking love daisies and the world needs to know that.


I finally found ”Day one”, formerly known as ” Renee” and got around to watch it in the midst of all the exam preparations.  You guys have no idea how long i’ve waited to see this movie ! TWLOHA means so much to me and i might be a bit biased because of that, but i thought the movie was really good. Kat dennnings is a goddess, there’s one scene in the movie where she’s crying and i just feel all of it.

This is renee. she’s such an amazing person and was my main rolemodel when things was at it’s worst.

Life lately: I’ve been a bad,bad blogger.

A lot of things have been happening lately. I’ve been prepping for my written exams in norwegian, which i had yesterday mind you ! I’ve also been working a lot, gotta keep that cash coming if i am going to London in february.( which i am… the trip is already paid for!) And as far as the 30 day challenge goes, i kinda met a wall when i came to day 11. things got wayyy personal and i couldn’t bring myself to post it or skip to day 12, so i guess i’ve just got to throw in the towel on the whole 30 day challenge thing. At least i tried…
Since i am done with all my exams and it’s almost christmas break i predict i’ll be doing a lot more writing in the days to come.

The tattoo thing

The thing about getting a tattoo is that once you’ve gotten one, you’ll gonna want to have more.
I have two already and lately i’ve been craving getting a new one done so bad it’s not even funny… atm i have 3 different tattoos that i plan on getting. Problem is though, i dont have enough skin… I’ve never wanted to be covered in tattoos, I’ve always loved them but i was just gonna get my daisy and be done with it. No such luck.

  1. i want a crescent moon on my finger. Yes i know this idea is kinda used up and alot of people have it but, one, i’ve always wanted a finger tattoo and second, i love the moon, to me it symbolises that creepy -midnight-horror witchy feeling that i love.

  2. I want the song lyrics ” Here comes a regular” its a song by the same name by The Replacements that’s always stuck with me  ever since i heard it when i was a bout 12 years old.

  3. I want a forearm tattoo, and for the last year or so i’ve been really into tarot cards and so i educated myself on them and found a few which i really liked, Particularly The Star. It mainly symbolises hope. Which at the moment i need a lot of.. It’s also connected to my zodiac sign which is the Aquarius. coincidence? I think not. i don’t want the original design but i would love a design that had a star and  water elements in it, so i really need to find an artist which have the artistic aesthetics that i like, since the design is really just in my head.

Day 10: celebrity crushes

As any healthy  19 year old girl i have plenty of celebrity crushes. These two however will always be my all time favorites. I’ve loved Johnny Depp ever since i saw sleepy hollow with my sister when i was about 10 years old.
tumblr_n5ca94Ncze1sg088jo1_250 tumblr_n5ca94Ncze1sg088jo2_250
As for Jennifer Lawrence goes (aka my queen,) do i even need to explain? The woman is hilarious and she is unbelievably talented, she’s the total package.
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