fall playlist

The fall is the perfect time to stay inside and listen to low melancholic music. it’s one of my favorite things to do this time of year. preferably with a hot beverage and underneath a mountain of blankets, curled up on the couch. I realize some of you still has summer where you live but the Fall came early this year and i am excited and welcome it with open arms.

life lately: holla education!

I haven’t written anything pretentious and whiny in months now, but i finally feel ready to break the radio silence.
I know that i wrote a lot about school last semester and whether or not i would be able to move up a grade. Alas my dear readers, my the worst case scenario happened. it wasn’t supposed to, but it did. I wont go into detail on how it happened cause i honestly dont know how to explain norwegian school politics to you. All you need to know is that, no. I did not qualify to get moved up a grade cause i ”failed” in two subjects… (not really but my attendance was so bad in both those subjects the teachers  claimed they didnt have enough material to give me a grade)

so yeah…I’ll have to retake those two subjects, Norwegian and social science, which puts me another year behind the rest of my peers… which sucks.. badly ! i am kinda at a loss right now… questioning everything i thought i wanted for my future. I have a meeting with the school tomorrow and hopefully i’ll feel a bit more certain about things then.

Home….thank god..

Hello guys i am home from Turkey and thank GOD for that ! I did have an amazing time in Bodrum with my sister and nephew, but the last two days we were there i got really sick…I got food poisoning and basically had to camp in the bathroom… it was all really bad timing since we were going home the day when the virus really kicked in.. i threw up 2 times while on the airplane and at one point i really thought i was going to die in airplane bathroom… But really, except that, i had fun ! But i am sooo glad to be home so my mom can nurse me back to health. There’s nothing like the comfort of your mom when your sick, no matter how old you get ! I’ll post some picks as soon as i find my canon – USB thingy. 

wanderlust won

Not even 10 minutes ago, my sister called. i was getting ready for bed since i have to get up early tomorrow and was sort of ticked that she choose this moment to call me, when i had night cream all over my hands and face. But boy am i glad i did. After picking up the phone gingerly and a gruff hello from my side of the line, she dropped the bomb. No, ”hey sis” or ” did i wake you?” nope she went straight to ”guess were we’re going?!” to which i ofcourse responded, ” Bed?”  Cause honestly,that was the only place i wanted to go to. ”Bodrum, Turkey!”
kinda confused she explained she booked 3 tickets and a hotel room  for me,herself and my nephew sebastian. I am so happy ! I’ve been itching to go traveling this year and i didn’t think i would *sigh* I’ll be gone for a whole week staying  in Bodrum, Turkey <3


taking a ride on the carpet of shame

I guess I’ve really been neglecting my blogging duties this summer, which was not my plan just so you know ! I had all these plans to pick it up now that i had some free time, but that idea crashed and burned. I’ve been doing so much lately that it would be ridiculous to start listing them now, that would just bore you, so instead i am leaving a July moodboard (you know, those things i used to do when i was a good blogger.) here with my head bowed in shame.