Life lately ? kinda ?

Okay so two things guys, one, i have a completely valid excuse for my absence. i managed to drop my laptop while i was in school and hence it’s been with the  ”doctor” for quite some time now, which means i don’t have access to my already written blog posts. And since it seems like my baby is going to be away for quite some time, i thought i got to come up with something else to post on here. And i will get on that as soon as possible ! I promise!

And as for the second thing, you might have noticed (or not, i’ll try not to take that too personal) that the post of  i made with the popsugar reading challenge is gone? well turns out i kinda misunderstood the challenge, and some of the tags on there were a little too out from my comfort zone. (i.e ”A book from oprah’s book club”.. i mean…) So i figured i’ll do something different for a 2016 challenge and i will put that up as soon as i get my laptop back.

Anyway, sorry for my little rant, considering i don’t really have that many readers i don’t know why i bother to explain myself but something tells me it’s just like good manners to do so, you know ?


The Throne of Glass series: Rant and Feels

Guuuuyyys these books!!!
Almost half a year ago i read the first book in the throne of glass series and was left with the dreaded: ”meh.” feeling when i finished it. I was switzerland and didn’t really care whether or not i finished the series. But then, as more and more people started talking about its sequals and how amazing they were, i knew i had to give it another chance. And boy was i glad i did. within the first 20 pages of the second book, i was hooked. It was exactly what i needed.  * insert reviews from goodreads  here.*

i can honestly say, with my hand on my heart, that i LOVE every character so far in the series. I might not like everyone(Actually i might hate some of them. *cough* King of Adarlan *cough*)  But i do find, close to everyone’s story line interesting. Also, how good of a world builder is sarah J maas !? she effing incredible! i’m seriously so in awe of her <3

I actually just finished book three, Heir Of Fire and i cant tell you how many times i just wanted to gather up the characters in my arms and keep them safe from everything… my poor babies …. ;(  Especially Dorian… the poor guy just cant catch a break.. But most of all, my heart was practically bleeding all over the place  for Celaena throughout the whole book. Especially in the beginning when she was training with Rowan, i wanted to throttle him for the way he talked to her ! *Deep breath* But its all good now, we’re good, he’s my bae now.<3

I am picking up book four tomorrow and i cant wait !


Words still echo in my mind, the ones you said, and probably meant.

Words you wont stand behind, but will keep on whispering to anyone who’ll listen.

Weak words from a weak spine. Who are you ? Who are you to judge when you know so little of the world. Why do you feel entitled to berate others?


Just Write….

okay so lately a lot of people have been asking me about my writing, mostly my family and closest friends, and for some reason there seem to a reappearing question. ”’what are you going to do with it ?” To which my answer is ”Probably nothing” This seems to leave alot of people puzzled. When i tell people i like to write they usually think it’s because i want to publish a book or become a journalist or something. And sure, maybe someday that would be great, but seriously, That’s not why i like to write.

I write because i am easily inspired by things. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve walked out of a movie teather and thought ” Wow that thing they did there with those other things were reallly cool. I wonder what would have happened if.. ” Or ”Instead of doing that i wished theyd done this.” And so on until i have a comepltly new story made up in my mind.

The same thing happens when i listene to music, read or watch tv series, or even just look at pictures.

So i guess, to sum it up, i write for myself to myself. I write so i can have a creative outlet to what have always been an overactive fantasy. I just love stories and it doesn’t really matter to me how i experience them, whether its something i watch, hear,go through or create myself. So no, i am not writing in the hopes of becoming a bestselling author. I am writing because if i didnt, im posetiv that i might explode.


Hey guys ! i have no idea why i stopped writing there for a while ! Considering that i have so much i want to write to you about it, really doesn’t make any sense. But hey, i’m currently on Christmas break right now and hopefully that means i’ll be able to write a bit more. Both here and on my novel. I actually wanted to make a post talking to you about that, and i’ve started to write it a few times, but for some reason i seem to be unable to get my thoughts down on paper (open office document?) Which is probably not speaking to my ability as a write but screw that.

also i think its worth mentioning that i am writing to you in real Malin style. curled up in bed in the middle of the night (actually it might be considered morning now. its 2 am) but i am hopeful that that is a sign of me getting back into the swing of things. i am planning quite a few book and literature post and have found that those are the posts i enjoy making the most. they’re usually not the ones i get the most positive feedback on. But hey, whatever floats my boat right ?

Talk to you later ! Oh,and also, Merry Christmas !

life lately: Ugh.

Its Friday ! is it just me or is that become like the official blog day ? well, it’ has at least become my official writing day. Fun writing that is, cause when I’m not at school,sleeping or being pressured into being social, i feel like I’m using every waking moment writing on something for school. whether it’s a presentation, cramming for a upcoming test or working on a paper.

im just so tired guys… my head feels like  a jumbled mess and its making me want to slam my head against a brick wall. there’s just too much information in there! It’s making me feel like the worst friend ever ! My weekends are spent sleeping or doing school work. Even the act of putting on pants, and making myself look semi presentable, feels like a  major chore. And to top it all off… my credit card got stolen yesterday…i cant being to express how ready i am for Christmas break…

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