This year’s Halloween soundtrack

this year i am going as a witch on Halloween, original, i know. But after watching AHS Coven, Salem and so on, it just made sense to me. so I’ve required myself some witchy tunes to get me into that mysterious-animal-sacrificing-hands-deep-in-guts-while-chanting type of mood which i thought i’d share with you guys. Enjoy !

life lately: it’s October !!!!!!!

It’s Fall! The leaves are changing, the weather is colder and Halloween is just around the corner. I think its needless to say that I’m in complete bliss. Aside from the fact that I’m currently back at school after fall break, and that i still haven’t found a part time job, life is pretty great at the moment.

I spent the Fall break watching A LOT of movies and TV-shows, most of them good, and most of them scary. I just thought i’d let you guys know that i am still here and that i really am trying to update more and that i really WANT to update more. I don’t have a valid excuse as to why i am not writing more, i just… don’t. But i’m working on fixing that ! And if there is a month where i am inspired to write, it’s October. I have a lot of posts drafted and waiting to be posted, but i need to proofread them which is probably one of the most boring things i know of ! anyway, here’s to hoping i’ll be better at blogging !

Hometown Reboot

i’m back home for the weekend, and after a long week, with an ungodly amount of homework, it was nice coming back home to familiar surroundings. however, i did come back home to an empty house. My parents went to Bergen to visit my brother, leaving me to fend for myself. Which, actually, was really nice. Since starting at a boarding school i’ve had little to no time to myself. even locked up in my room, the only thing seperating me and everyone else, is paperthin walls.

So yeah, it was nice to have an entire house to myself, not needing to tip toe around anyone. so now i’m curled up in my dad’s good chair with a ridiculous amount of blankets around me and enough candles lit to give a firefighter a heartattack, making it the perfect fall evening. Rosk is in a heap next to me and they’re having a twilight marathon on TV which is giving me all of the nostalgic feels. All in all, a perfect solitary weekend which is just what i need to reboot.

Ravneringene by Siri Pettersen

just recently i finished the two first books in a series called ”Ravneringene” (or the ravens rings) by a norwegian author called Siri Pettersen. And oh. my. god…. YES !  i absolutely loved it. i’ll admit i was a bit apprehensive before starting the book, cause i knew the main character was some years younger than me and i was afraid the whole book was gonna have the same mentality as most 15 (turning 16 in the books) year old girls. But boy was i wrong. The author might have meant to appeal to a younger audience, but the way she built the the story makes sure  even older readers will appreciate it. it got all the elements of a good fantasy book. a great, well thought out universe. a strong and relateable heroine. the classic topic of good vs evil and a complicated antagonist. And lastly, what really got me into the books, the endless plot twists. here’s a little summary of the first book.

imagine lacking something everybody else has. something that shows that you belong in this world. something so important, that without it, you’re nobody. A plague, a myth. A human.

Fifteen year old Hirka finds out she’s an ”odinschild”, a tailless freak from another world. hated,feared and hunted,she has no idea who she is anymore and someone is willing to kill her to keep that a secret. But there are worse things than being a odinschild. Cause, Hirka isn’t the only one who’s broken through the gates.

I seriously cant wait to get the third and last book, later this year. (october)
I’ve kind of been in a reading funk lately, but this book snapped me right out of it and reminded me why fantasy is my favorite genre of books. I love the characters, i love the intricate world and i love that the story has Norse backgrounds.

Did not see that coming !

i’ve always taken pride in knowing that i march to the beat of my own drum and that i’m not afraid to express myself or my thoughts; so who would have known it would take a new school, in the middle of nowhere, with kids younger than me to shake me down ? Not me that’s or sure. I’m still ”doing me”, and dressing and acting like a usually do, but i do find myself caring a lot more about than i thought i would about what other people think of me. which is a completely new phenomena for me.

i think the reason behind this new notion is that i was caught comepletly off guard by how different the people are here from the people back home and i am having difficulties with resonate with them. I think this only proves the theory that basically everyone wants to be ”liked” or at least acknowledged by other people.
Hopefully this is something that will wear off in time, and i’ll be back to my loudmouthed,way-too-opinionated self very soon. I’ll just have to channel my inner Alaska young to speed up the process,that’s all..2f6072d5d3726c3d652e96faf20b5dd1.

And so it begins

I’ve made it… sort of.. kinda.. not really. But it’s a start! Yesterday, my mom,dad and me went on a little road trip to what is going to be the school i’ll be staying- and attending classes at, for the upcoming school year.
I’m officially grabbing the bull by it’s horns and wrestling it to the ground… or at least im trying to. This is the year i’ve been dreading for so long, and i am trying my hardest to go at it with an open mind and not feel like i need to abandon all hope as soon as i open the door to my classroom, but it’s proving itself to be a bit tricky.

But i’m cautiously optimistic and hopefully i will get through this year as painless as possible