Channeling my inner fairy huntress!

The other day, i decided (after i had finished another cat video on youtube) that i needed to go jogging. And not just go jogging in my neighborhood, oh no sir ! I went all out, and drove to a disclosed, wooded area and began running. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, and though i was beyond exhausted when i made it back to my car, I felt really good afterwards.
And seeing as i was jogging in a forest i just had to listen to dreamy music that either made me feel like a fairy running through the forest or a warrior hunting ( channeling my inner Artemis ya’ll ^^)
I defiantly need to do that more often, when i got home i wrote more on my story in 2 hours than what id done the entire week !
                              (pic above is from where i was jogging)

Life Lately… Again: Easter Holiday

I am not going to provide you any “witty” saying about how much i’ve been neglecting my blog.. it seems like i do that quite often..
So, while i’ve been MIA, a lot of things have happened. Too many for me to go into detail on every single one of them. But what i can talk about is what i’ve been doing the past week. Me,my mom,my sister and my nephew rented a cabin for Easter holiday and probably gained 5 kg’s each over the course of the 2 days we were away. Seriously the amount of junk food that was consumed were ridiculous..


On Saturday Siri (my sister) and i went out to the local bar in town. its the first time i’ve been there drinkin (It doubles as a coffee shop during the day) it was a really surreal experience and the whole time we were there i kept thinking i was doing something i wasn’t allowed to.


On sunday i woke up bright eyed and and ready to face the day dead on. which was more than you could say about my sister.
After id run some errands around town, i went to pick up siri who i found cuddled up in her couch ,surrounded by painkillers and other hangover remedies. After that was over and done with i went to Marita so we could watch the new episode of outlander together <3

And that’s about it. katharina is coming over in a couple of hours cause we desperately need to hang before she goes back to Oslo !

Live from volda

Me,Mona and Marita just got back from from Rokken. The ever trustworthy place for kids my age to hang out in Volda. I just put marita to bed,seeing as she wasnt feeling too great and i am now curled up on the sofa with Mona. We’re contemplating wether or not to go back to Rokken and leave marita to fend for herself… It’s only 1 am and the night is still young. Just thought id check in with you guys since its been a while since my last post. I thought i was on a roll but appearantly not…


The thing about Manga and Anime

something not a lot of people know about me is that i read and watch manga and anime. It’s not something i deliberatly keep hidden about me, but i don’t go around flaunting it either. Manga is basically a form of a comic book made in japan and usually by Japanese creators. Anime is basically the the cartoon version of a Manga. I think there’s a lot of prejudice around manga and anime.
Either people believe it’s for kids, or that it’s for sketchy perverts. In the world of manga and anime (let’s shorten it to M/A from now on) there’s a genre called hentai and ecchi. Hentai and ecchi are a manga or an anime with ”adult” content, which one often can find on porn sites. Hence, you need to be a little discreet about throwing M/ A around. One time i was at a party and i was talking about an anime with a friend of mine and a guy overheard us and through out the night he kept throwing ”lewd” comments at me. When i asked what his deal was. He just shrugged and said that he thought that was my thing,since i kept hanging around on porn sites ”and stuff” (his actual words) …Yeah… No.

Anyway my point being, sometimes i watch anime and read manga and i am not ashamed ! Educate yourself before you judge … I’ve been interested in M/A since i was about 12 or 13 years old and let me tell you, it’s not any different from let’s say, watching your favorite show. it all depends on which M or A you choose to read/watch. there’s something for everyone.

Some Boys by Patty Blount

Some boys by patty blount is a really confusing yet satisfying book. It’s about a girl named grace who used to be somewhat popular despite her big hair, black make up,  her ass kicking boots and tight fitting clothes. That is, until grace goes to a party one night and experiences every girls worst nightmare. But of course no one believes her and now she’s known as the girl who cried rape at the school’s golden boy. But Grace isn’t going down without a fight. The book is narrated by two voices. Grace, and the best friend of the boy who raped her, Ian. It challenges you in a way that’s sorta unsettling cause, of course you believe Grace’s story unwaveringly right ? No, you don’t.

Through the whole book you keep going back and forth between who’s right. Grace or ian. The book tackles a lot of today’s rape culture. Grace says in the book:

The cops wanted to know if I was Zac’s girlfriend, if I was drinking, doing drugs, if I ever worked as a stripper, if I ever kissed Zac before that night.
What the hell does any of that have to do with what happened?
Do the laws against sexual assault not apply to strippers? To girlfriends? I don’t get that. (…) He thinks because I went to the woods, drank alcohol, and dressed the way I dress, I should have 
expected this to happen. That I actually wanted this to happen. 
(…) What the hell, just what the hell was wrong with how I looked…why does he care if I wear eye-black like the football team? It’s my face. It’s my body. I can dress it up or down however I want. Why is that such a hard concept for guys to accept? All that crap Jax said about dressing to be noticed – being noticed is fine. But being noticed isn’t the same as being ridiculed, insulted, ostracized, shamed. 
Being noticed isn’t an open invitation to guys to do whatever they want to me.

I think this  sums up both the book, and today’s attitudes towards rape victims. As sad as that is..
It’s a really amazing book which has alot of feminist elements in it and it also portrays what it’s like being a teenager today with society’s unwritten rules and fucked up ethics.


i love you.

There’s absolutely nothing in this entire world that hurts more than when one of the people you love is hurting and you know there’s nothing you can do about it. Nobody can tell me otherwise. It hurts so much, i even try not to love him, but he’s my blood and whether i like it or not, we’ll always be connected to each other. I always complain about him to other people but as soon as other people try to agree with me i get defensive and make up excuses for him. When i think about the people who did this to him and put him in this situation in the beginning….. i’m convinced that i would be able to commit murder if given the opportunity. Nobody fucks with the people i love ….. Or well, i guess they do but i really,really wish they wouldn’t…