Did not see that coming !

i’ve always taken pride in knowing that i march to the beat of my own drum and that i’m not afraid to express myself or my thoughts; so who would have known it would take a new school, in the middle of nowhere, with kids younger than me to shake me down ? Not me that’s or sure. I’m still ”doing me”, and dressing and acting like a usually do, but i do find myself caring a lot more about than i thought i would about what other people think of me. which is a completely new phenomena for me.

i think the reason behind this new notion is that i was caught comepletly off guard by how different the people are here from the people back home and i am having difficulties with resonate with them. I think this only proves the theory that basically everyone wants to be ”liked” or at least acknowledged by other people.
Hopefully this is something that will wear off in time, and i’ll be back to my loudmouthed,way-too-opinionated self very soon. I’ll just have to channel my inner Alaska young to speed up the process,that’s all..2f6072d5d3726c3d652e96faf20b5dd1.

And so it begins

I’ve made it… sort of.. kinda.. not really. But it’s a start! Yesterday, my mom,dad and me went on a little road trip to what is going to be the school i’ll be staying- and attending classes at, for the upcoming school year.
I’m officially grabbing the bull by it’s horns and wrestling it to the ground… or at least im trying to. This is the year i’ve been dreading for so long, and i am trying my hardest to go at it with an open mind and not feel like i need to abandon all hope as soon as i open the door to my classroom, but it’s proving itself to be a bit tricky.

But i’m cautiously optimistic and hopefully i will get through this year as painless as possible

*insert inspiring quote about procrastination here*

Before i went on vacation (i went to Greece, forgot to mention that.. sorry) i vowed to myself that no matter what, i was gonna write. whether it was on my blog,in my journals or writing on my stories. But knowing me, i knew that was just empty promises. I wrote a little bit in my travel journal, and a few pages on the stories i’m playing around with. And that was it basically.

The origin of this empty promise to myself started with the fact that i am getting closer to having to decide what i want to study in the following years to come. Do i follow through with what has always been the plan? What can almost guarantee me a steady job in the future? Or do i throw caution to the wind and finally explore all the ”what if’s” i have running around in my head all day ?
And the key to finding that out is by writing. To see if i’m actually any good, and to see if there’s something there worth exploring.


So, i guess since i opened this can of worms again i best get to it don’t i ?

i really should do a ”life lately” post, but considering it’s been so long since last time, i really don’t feel like going into detail on every single event worth mentioning, so how about i just show you ?

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i am back, i am still single and it looks like i am going to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere with a heck of a lot of sheep. fun times.

Ive never been MIA for this long before,  and without even as much as an explenation i plan on ignoring that and move on to today’s rant.

we all know by no that i am so far behind on school its not even funny. i had a year off this year where i worked and did ”other school related stuff’. And now its summer vacation and i was so set on going back to school in the fall and was actually a bit excited to go back! But today that little glimmer of hope was overshadowed by the fact that i didn’t get into; not my first choice, not my second choice, and not even my third choice which, low and behold was cancelled because there wasn’t enough people applying to the class!  Oh no sir i got in at a school in the middle of  fucking nowhere where there’s more sheep than there is people! for fucks sake ! i cant catch a fucking break ! there’s only so many times a person can be knocked down before they finally give up. I’m currently on a waiting list for both my first and second choice  schools but the chance that i could get into either one of them are slim to none. so yeah, to put it mildly i am not having that swell of a day.

i am protesting by not showering today,not doing my hair and putting on clothes i found at the bottom of my pile of dirty clothes. I’m going for the: stay the hell away from me , i’m having a shit day-look and, if i may say so myself, i’m doing a exceedingly good job…. God, I do not envy the poor people that have to spend the rest of the day with me.

well, this was a fun way to do a blog comeback wasn’t it ?

(im not even going to bother to reread this to fix any mistakes so you grammar nazis can go suck a salmon)

The night i actually liked Russia: An Eurovision fairytale

So last night(on the 23rd) was the night everyone in Europe ( and Australia) have been waiting for. Eurovision song contest ! Gahhh ! it’s more like a religion in my house so when my sister suggested we watch together i said of course. cause there’s only a certain type of people you can watch Eurovision with, and that’s the people who loves it a much as you do. you cant watch it with someone who’s kinda ”meh” to the whole thing, that ruins the experience. So who better for me to watch it with other than the queen of Eurovision(my sister) and the crown princess( her best friend)I mean, for the love of God my Sister even made our own score board by hand for us to judge the acts with… that’s commitment ya’ll

All in all i am pleased with the results. I kinda knew Sweden would win though.. even though he was one of my top five  i was actually rooting for Russia.. (blasphemy ! i know.) i mean it’s so wrong to judge Polina’s performance by the fact that her country is completely delusional,corrupt and screwed up. she did have the better song ! and her performance was bone chilling. Sure Måns did a great job, but i cant believe he got to compete in the contest with that song. It’s so similar to David Guettas ”Heroes of the sun” there has to be some copyright issues, right ?!
Anyway, back to Polina. No she didn’t have the best vocals in the beginning but lord have mercy at 1.34 in the video below, we simultaneously started screeching and jumping in our seats. And i am pretty sure my sister was choking on a chocolate muffin at some point. Her dress, her style and her feelings overflowing at the end of the song was beautiful. she was like : nailed it ! and then started sobbing… Bless her.

Here’s some other pictures from the night in question.
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Not gonna lie, i was a little drunk on the picture above. I also have to mention my other favorites before signing out. Not surprisingly, i rooted for Norway. we had a pretty good ballad and Debra was absolutely gorgeous. And then there was Belgium, which i thought was pretty good and whose song i ended up singing the chorus to the rest of the night. And lastly, Latvia, which was just straight up weird and i loved it. There were a couple of others i liked too, but those stood out to me the most. Cant wait until next year !

Psalms of Planets: Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven is a anime and a manga created by Dai Sato.
The story takes place in the future where a boy lives in a sleepy town called Bellforest. The boy,who’s name is Renton, lives with his grandfather since both his parents, and his big sister has passed away. tumblr_nmm44caZaQ1urr8d1o1_r1_500
One day, renton meets a young, strange girl named Eureka, who’s a member of a famous renegade group named Gekkostate.
Because of several incidents, Renton gets to join Gekkostate and become sort of an ”employe” to his idol, Holland Novak who’s the leader of the group. But renton soon finds out that life on Gekkostate is not as exciting and glamorous as he thought it would be…

”The setting of Eureka Seven takes place 10,000 years after humanity has made a mass exodus into space, due to the arrival of the Scub Coral, an intelligent, sentient life who merged with the planet, forcing the humans to abandon it. In the current timeline, the remnants of humanity are now settled on an unknown planet (actually a terraformed Earth) known as the Land of Kanan, but the majority of the surface of this planet is now covered by a rock-like surface formed by the Scub Coral. The Scub Coral previously inhabited the Planet, until the invasion of humans.”
(From eureka seven wikia)

Eureka seven was one on the first animes i watched and, it is to this day, one of my favorites. It’s just such a elaborate and well thought out world, the art is not bad either. I love the characters and the way they grow with the story.
ES is a shounen anime, which means it’s a type of anime that’s suppose to appeal to boys. But for some reason, almost all my favorite animes are shounen. ES dabbles into so many important topics and there’s something for everyone in the series. there’s drama,romance,action, a bit of gory scenes and a good variety of characters. My favorite character, and what i really found interesting was Anemone and her story.
But overall, i just love the world the story is set in. Also, i cant end this post without mentioning the amazing soundtrack to this series ! if you dont find the anime or manga appealing  to you,(why wouldnt you tho? I mean, come on!) you should atleast listen to a couple of the songs from the soundtrack!
So yeah, if you want to start dabble into anime or manga, Eureka Seven is a really good place to start, also i think i saw it on netflix the other day, so you dont really have an excuse no to.